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A Short History of Baleia Bay

Baleia Bay is a great location for people interested in travelling or moving across the world to engage in totally new experiences. The area is famous for wines and olives. Specialists and fans go there every year for new events meant to celebrate good wineries and their achievements in the last year. Fines Wine and Olive Products Baleia is one of the most famous places on Earth where good wine and amazing olive productions are encountered. It is also the home of highly popular breeding programs people go there to attend at least once in a lifetime. Alongside the amazing Cape South Coast, you can discover the best established wine making area. Close to Vermaaklikheid, a historical small town in the region, a group of great people managed to produce their very first amazing Baleia wines. Dassieklip Farm became home to these vineyards due to its rich limestone soil and close proximity to the mighty ocean. Their experience continued until they became famous worldwide. A great factor that has contributed to the amazing development of wine productions in the area is the delicate sea breeze that constantly sweeps over the established vineyards. This allows them the cooling down effect they need to reach the perfect temperature for the growth of the best grapes in the world. This is what makes amazing wines. In the history of fine wine and amazing olive products from Baleia Bay, the most important factor has always been the human efforts in the area. They have years of experience in the field and the necessary dedication to achieve new levels of greatness with their productions every year. With passion, constant efforts and delicate handling, wine producers in this region manage to bring great products on the market every year and gain new fans willing to discover their secret.

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DROOGERIVIER DOHNE PRODUCTION AUCTION The Droogerivier Dohne Production auction was a huge success! The average selling price for rams has increased by 34% since 2012 and we believe that the reason behind these statistics is the quality of livestock that has been improving over the past few years. We would like to thank all the buyers who helped us to make the day such a success and we look forward to next years auction which will take place on 21 May 2014. GOOD FOOD & WINE SHOW 2013 The Good Food & Wine Show held in Cape Town at the CTICC in May this year was a remarkable success. We spent long hours on the floor and it was very hard work, but it was definitetly worth it and extremely enjoyable. Baleia bay received a lot of good exposure at the expo and there was a lot of positive feedback on our products. CAPE WINE EXPO 2012 – A GREAT SUCCESS! As this was our very first expo and also our first exposure to the public we think it went really well. It was great to see such a wide variety of wine farms coming together to showcase their products. We feel that South Africa can really be proud of wines being produced locally and that South African wines have definitely already arrived. We will be using the feedback we received from the experts to produce even better quality wines and change what is necessary for future shows. Thanks to all the organisers for making this a really memorable experience. BALEIA BAY WINES AT CAPE WINE EXPO 2012 The first vintage of Baleia Bay wines will be making its debut at the Cape Wine 2012 Expo from 25 – 28 September. NATIONAL DOHNE AUCTION Droogerivier Dohnes will partake in the National Dohne Auction held on 20 February 2013 in Bloemfontein. We plan to put a number of our top stud rams up for auction. THE GREAT GRAIN SUCCESS We are pleased to announce that our grain crops are experiencing a remarkable year in terms of growth and production, we predict a succesful and fruitful harvest for middle October 2012.

A Lovely Adventure in Baleia Bay

Getting ready for a new vacation this year? What is the location that you have chosen? If you are still making plans, we have a recommendation for you today: Baleia Bay. Wine lovers have definitely heard of this amazing location. It offers tourists around the world the chance to have a lot of fun travelling there and spending an amazing holiday in the best wineries of the area or engaging in outdoor activities. Let’s discover more about what this location has to offer for your great new holiday adventure.

Stay at the Baleia Bay Lodge

If you have decided to go there already, you should know that there are amazing accommodation options for you to consider. An example is the Baleia Bay Lodge located in Inhambane, Mozambique. They offer amazing conditions for tourists interested in self-catering holidays where they can take advantage of full equipment to ensure a comfortable stay there for weeks.

This lodge attracts attention through its thrilling sea views that allow you to enjoy staying in and just admiring the surroundings. If you decide to go there with an Amsterdam escort, you will definitely enjoy your vacation. You will discover all about her amazing life while travelling in the most exotic locations of the world. She will show you how to have a good time and have a lot of interesting stories to tell you about times spent there.

Once you get to the lodge, you can also engage in a wide variety of outdoor activities just by the sea and recharge your batteries together with your Amsterdam escort you found on https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-amsterdam-131/. You will see amazing coconut palms that will make you feel like you have reached the tropics heaven right there and then. You will understand why this location is visited by so many tourists from around the world every year.

Walking down the coast line will offer you all the relaxation you need while being on holiday. In a location far away from home, where the sea offers amazing views for your eyes and heart, perfect comfort is ensured. You and your Amsterdam escort will have a lot to talk about when you come back from your trip. Your friends will want the chance to go there on holiday as well and you will treasure the memories from your new adventure for many years to come.

What you can also do in the area is visit the main attractions from the historical town of Inhambane or go to the idyllic beaches from Barra, Tofo, Jangamo or even Tofinho. Enjoying the amazing maritime activities there will offer you the good time you were looking to spend there.  If you and your Amsterdam escort are into this kind of activities, you should also know that snorkeling is an option for you to consider. Moreover, you can spend a day fishing and creating new memories. Surfing is also possible and will enhance the amazing thrills of your new adventure.

Choose Baleia Bay for your holiday this year and enjoy the amazing maritime activities as well as the luxurious accommodations in the area. You will have the image of spectacular landscapes of diving reefs, pinnacles, overhands and gullies in your heart and mind forever.